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Behind the Lens



Lead photographer at FDP.  Mike was born in Wisconsin but grew up right here in San Antonio. He joined the US Army right after high school where he served our country as an Infantryman and Paratrooper in the 82nd Abn Division as well as spending some time as a Drill Sergeant.

Mike continues to serve our community as a full time paramedic in the San Antonio Fire Department (the inspiration for the company name) and part time emergency room paramedic. He loves his job and loves to serve his community.

Mike started taking pictures again after he borrowed his wife's Nikon and never gave it back.  There have been some upgrades since then.

Mike has 5 children which you will no doubly see scattered throughout the site: Tatum (17), Camden (13), and Parker (10), Ronin (3) and Mikena (1).

IG @medic_mike_d

IG @firedogphoto


The inspiration behind FDP. Jena was born and raised in San Antonio. She earned her bachelor's degree in Human Resources Management at Texas A&M University and works full time as a human resources manager for a produce distribution company.

Jena believes in family and family values.  Her heart is to share and love.  She is an indispensable asset to FDP for which this wouldn't be possible without her.

Jena has a eye for what is artsy and trendy. She loves taking pictures and often revisits photos taken from years past. She believes that photos capture more than just a picture; photos of every type, quality, and technique hold value.

Jena and Mike have two children together, Ronin James and Mikena Halston. When she is not managing people as a resource, she is kept busy managing work and kids.

IG @notgeenadavis

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