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Here is an extensive list of questions that we have been asked.

If you can't find the answers you are looking for here then email it to us.

"How did you determine your price point?"

  • We're in it for the memories not the money. Technology has made taking photos easier than ever. We're not trying to undercut anyone.  We aim for the lowest prices possible without sacrificing quality or customer service.  We will even refer out if we need to.

"How many photos can I expect to receive?"

  • That depends on the package.  Refer to our Investment page for more details.  Here a basic reference: 1 - 2 edited photos per pose.  Number of poses varies for session type and length. Total photo count can be anywhere from 8-20 edited photos.

"Will you edit more pictures for me?"

  • ABSOLUTELY!  Photos do take time to edit and may incur an additional processing fee.

"Do I have a say in how you edit images?"

  • Indeed.  We strive for artistic variety (black and white, vignette, color, lighting, effects),  but you can let us know what you prefer.  They are your memories; we want you to be satisfied with your investment in them and us.

"How will I get my photos?"

  • Your photos with be uploaded to an album on our website for you to access, download, and share. 

"Can I have my photos on a disk?"

  • Yes and no... We can give you your photos on a standard LD/SD card or external hard drive for an additional fee (and a little extra time).


"Am I allowed to alter, change, or edit photos myself?"

  • Short answer: no.  They are the property of FDP.  You receive a limited release for your photos that includes: using them in social media, email, personal use, and web platforms. But it does not allow for editing, altering, changing, or selling.

"Why are my photos on Instagram, Facebook, and/or your website?"

  • FDP owns every image taken and will use select images for marketing purposes, but we will respect your privacy if you choose for us not to use certain photos.

"How long will I be able to access my photos?"

  • Your photos will be available for at least a month in your album on our site.   Space restrictions do not allow for indefinite storage. If you need them longer then we can make other arrangements.

"How long do I have to review my photos?"

  • Ideally, we would like you to review and approve your photos within 24-48 hours of release.  Photos not approved within 72 hours will be removed from the website.  Album will be republished upon request after payment is remitted.

 "Umm, the session is over, but I'm not lovin' what I'm seeing.  Can we reshoot?"

  • We are more than happy to reshoot anything you want for no additional cost (based on availability) as long as you're not taking advantage of us...because, people do that.  However, due to the nature of digital files, photos delivered without a watermark will not be issued any refunds, because the images can't be "returned."

"What are my payment options?"

  • ApplePay, PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, cash, and e-invoice though our website.  Personal checks are not accepted.

"Why do I have to sign a contract?"

  • Contracts are standard in the industry and protects FDP and its artistic rights as well as you as a client.  Let us know if you feel uneasy about the contract.  We will explain anything you need.

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